Travel Style: How to Look Good while Abroad.

If you find yourself lucky enough to be going abroad this year, then it is likely that you will have already thought about or even started buying your summer wardrobe so that you can look your best while you are relaxing in an exotic destination. It is my advice that you should pack a range of outfits consisting of those that are comfy and better suited for those times on your holiday when you want to chill out, and you should also pack some more luxurious pieces of clothing so that you can get some nice photos when you are out at bars and restaurants in the evening.  


In the weeks before your travel date arrives it is important to be as prepared as possible within your packing, if you really want to look your best while you are away you will need to make sure you have your fancier outfits put together to avoid not having anything to wear when you arrive. For me, holidays are the time when you can really push the boat out and treat yourself to some brand new items that you wouldn’t necessarily wear regularly back home.  


Finding Unique Pieces

If you want to find the most unique pieces of clothing that are going to really make you stand out from the crowd when you are on holiday then you will need to be clever about the places you go shopping. The most unique clothing pieces can be found within many vintage clothing dealerships and luxury thrift stores, you will also find that the prices are much more affordable meaning that you can get more outfits for less money than what you would find on the high street. There are some hidden gems within many of these kinds of stores you just have to be prepared to do some research and visit the shop in person to get a feel for what these unique clothing items would look like when you wear them as it is sometimes difficult to return these items as many of the stores are pop up businesses which are only there for a limited time.  


Packing For Different Conditions

A huge part of looking good is how confident you feel when you are wearing certain pieces of clothing, in order to make sure that you look good and feel good when you are abroad it would be a great idea to ensure you have packed for the different situations of the holiday. For example, when you are traveling to and from the airport you will want a more comfortable outfit while looking good for those early morning pictures with your friends. 


Depending on the area of the world you are visiting you should also consider what the weather will be like during the time of your visit, it is important that you have the appropriate clothing as you want to avoid the weather affecting what you are able to do. For the areas of the world where the weather is relatively warm but still has some colder periods, a light springtime jacket such as the mens bomber jacket at Hentschman would be a great choice.  

Simple is Often Better 

When you are on holiday it is important that you loo9k and feel good, but when you’re dealing with extreme heat and weather conditions sometimes it is better to keep things simple with a thin shirt and shorts combo. This basic style is very appropriate for the more relaxed environment whilst you are away and you can style it up by going for some more daring design choices.