8 Fantastic Ways to Keep your Kids Entertained During a Flight

Anyone that has a child knows just how challenging flights can be. Planes are uncomfortable and offer little room for movement, so if you are someone that has a child that you need to entertain – you may find yourself struggling. However, there is no need to worry, as we have compiled 8 fantastic ways to keep your kids entertained during a flight.



What kid doesn’t love coloring? Colouring is a great way to pass the time and requires little supervision. It is a fantastic creative outlet and is very accessible as a coloring book and crayons can fit easily into any carry-on. In fact, a lot of planes happen to provide coloring equipment so you may not even need to bring any from home.



If all else fails, there is nothing wrong with entertaining your child with some television. Pack a phone or iPad with you and your child will be distracted for hours with their favorite shows and movies. You can also use this to your advantage and take the time to watch your own shows.



Games are a great way to distract your children and also make long flights fun. You can pack a board game and play that on the plane, however, you may be pushed for space. A game alternative that people are using is electronic device games. Why play scrabble on a board when you can take it online on a scrabble go word finder.



Though this may not seem like fun, it is a sure way to keep your child entertained. Not only will it keep them distracted during the long haul flights, but it will also mean that they won’t have work to worry about when they are enjoying their trip.


Eye- Spy

Eye-spy is a classic game that becomes even more exciting when you are flying across the planet. Playing this game really gives your child the opportunity to pay attention to what is happening outside the window of the plane and will make the time that they have to spend in their seat seem less boring.



A simple way for you to entertain your children while flying is by letting them listen to their favorite songs. Though you will not be able to stream live music, you can always download some of your children’s favorite songs before you get on the flight. Listening to music is an easy way to pass time and will put your child in a good mood before you land. Listening to some calm music may also help your child sleep, which means they will be refreshed before they set off on their adventure.



A sure-fire way to make sure that your child will be entertained during the flight is to take their favorite toy onto the plane with you.  Be sure to check the airline’s policy to see what would be allowed on the plane, as you wouldn’t want to have your child’s favorite toy removed and disposed of.



A book is not only a great distraction from the boredom of a long flight, but it is also a great way for your child to learn while they travel. A good idea would be to have them read a book that correlates with what they are learning about with school to really give them the upper hand among their peers. However, if your child has a favorite book or is currently already reading, you could have them read that instead as that would ensure that they remain entertained.