What to Look For When Picking an AirBnB

When choosing from the hundreds of options AirBnB available, it can be challenging to decide which one is best for your needs. From affordability, hospitality, comfort, and security, selecting the perfect AirBnB can be frustrating.

I’ve narrowed down the list of things you should be looking for when picking an AirBnB for your next trip to make things easier.

Some of these may seem obvious, but I guarantee each and everyone will come in handy during your decision-making process. Keep reading!


Amenities are the small touches that can make or break a guest’s experience. For example, if you plan to take a vacation in a cold region like Scotland, you should consider taking a room with good heating conditions.

I have heard people shower praises on this Edinburgh based company that offers double glazing. Most remark that the company’s double glazing solutions are top-notch especially when installed in properties where comfort is key such as the AirBnbs.


This is especially important if you’re traveling somewhere new and don’t know your way around yet. Think about how long it will take you to get from your lodging to your destinations and what other neighborhood features are essential to you (restaurants or shops, public transportation). You might also want to check out crime statistics in the area before booking your stay.

Room Size And Sleeping Arrangements

This is probably the essential factor to consider if you’re going on vacation. If you’re traveling with friends or family, look for places with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms so everyone can have their own space. However, if you’re using AirBnB for business travel, you may want a smaller room with an office area instead of multiple bedrooms.


To save more money, consider booking an entire apartment or house rather than just a private room; you can split the cost with friends or family members who are traveling with you.
If you plan to stay for longer than a week or two, ask your host about discounts for extended stays; some hosts give travelers significant markdowns if they plan to stay for a month or more.

Rules And Cancellation Policies

When you rent a home, you expect some level of privacy. But many hosts will come in and out to clean or check on things as needed. You must know what your host expects from you and vice versa.

For example, If you’ll be partying at the house, make sure your host is okay with that. Similarly, if you don’t want people coming into your space when you’re there, let them know that.
It’s also important to know the cancellation policy and whether it applies to either side. Some hosts might cancel on a renter if they find someone willing to pay more money. That can leave the original renter in a tough spot if they’ve already given up their hotel room and booked flights. Similarly, if you need to cancel and don’t have a good reason, expect to lose your deposit.

Reviews And Ratings

Reviews and ratings are also paramount considerations. You need to read through these thoroughly before you book anything. While it can be easy to just look at the star rating, you should read the reviews themselves. This will give you a better idea of what other people have experienced with this particular AirBnB.

Photos Posted

Carefully inspect the photos posted. If there are no photos of the kitchen or living room, ask why. Are there any floor plans posted? Ask for more pictures if you need them. It is your right as a renter to know what you are getting into. If the host does not want to provide more information about their house, it is probably best to just move on.

The Host’s Response Time

This can tell you how reliable they will be throughout your stay. Will they be present during your stay? Do they live in the same area? These are all questions that should be asked immediately when considering a place to rent.

Importantly, Your Priorities

Your priorities highly matter when choosing an AirBnB. Are you looking for something that’s within walking distance of the beach? Do you want it to have a private pool or garden? Maybe you want an entire house to have some privacy and space while traveling with a large group. Or perhaps you want something cheap, but still has all the amenities you need like wifi internet access and a kitchen.

The Airbnb search results page lets you filter based on all these features, so it helps to know exactly what you want before browsing through thousands of listings.

Grab An AirBnB For Your Vacation!

Picking the perfect AirBnB for a vacation is a simple task. You only need to consider essential factors such as amenities, location, reviews, and ratings alongside your priorities. With this helpful information, you can comfortably stand out to pick the best AirBnB for your vacation!