The Best Compasses For Boats

Sailing in a boat is impossible without a vital instrument and that is a compass. Since it is one of the essentials on a boat, there are a variety of compasses available in the market at all times. With new technology and different mounting systems, the choices are overwhelming. You need one that suits your needs and budget. We have picked 3 top models for you that you can choose for your boat.

  1. Ritchie HF-473 Helmsman: This flush mount compass is a favorite for a lot of reasons. Firstly, it has a CombiDial which is a dual reading card designed for clear visibility and readout. The dial measures 3 ¾” which lets you read clearly even during lower light conditions. A 12-volt built-in green illumination display lets you take the compass reading even at night. The quality of the compass is the best just like other Ritchie products. The only drawback of this compass is the size. It may not be suitable for small boats with less space.
  2. Garmin Silva 85E Sailing Compass: If you want a compass that fits your boat without too much disturbance then the Garmin Silva 85E is your option. This compass comes with a CombiDial but on a flat bottom. This means when you are fixing it on the boat it will not need you to drill any holes. The flat bottom also provides magnified readings. The compass has a card style that works well even during high speed and on rough water conditions. It also has an in-built backlight illumination for clear readings in the dark. It comes with a memory ring for maintaining the course onboard. The drawback of this model is that the build quality is not up to the mark.
  3. Ritchie Navigation Explorer Compass: The b-51 Explorer for Ritchie is the best bracket-mount compass due to its extensive list of features. The Navigation Explorer comes with a sapphire jewel and a steel pivot dial. The compass is highly sensitive and has a built-in compensator for adjusting any deviation easily. To offer an easy line of sight this compass has a direct read dial. It is a popular choice among small boat owners due to its versatility. It comes with a 12-volt night light for easy viewing at night. This can easily be fixed on any surface of your choice. The only drawback a few users have reported about this is that the backlight isn’t bright enough at night.