Everything you Need to Bring for a Camping Holiday

Everyone enjoys a good holiday whether it’s solo, with friends, or with family. There are many different types of holiday from city breaks in busy, beautiful cities, to beach holidays in the sun enjoying the sea to camping holidays. If you’re more of an outdoorsy person then you’ll likely love the adventure that comes from a camping holiday. Camping holidays tend to be cheaper than most other holidays as you can usually find a nice campsite close to home saving on flights or train and you don’t have to pay for accommodation as you’ll have a tent. However, camping trips are sometimes much harder to plan for as you’ll need to bring enough equipment to survive so you’ll need to make sure you’ve packed everything from a do it yourself sleeping bag liner to food for the trip. You’ll be completely responsible for everything and if you forget something like toothpaste there won’t be a local shop you can run to like there would be in a city, so you have to be prepared. To try and help you out before your next camping trip we’ve made a checklist here for you of everything that you need. 

Camping Necessities

Your camping necessities are anything that is going to help you sleep safely and warmly at night. You won’t forget your tent but some people show up to camping without all of the poles needed to set their tent up so make sure you double-check this too. You’ll want to bring stuff to keep you warm at night in case it gets cold in the early hours as you want to enjoy the trip and not get sick. The best things to bring are a really warm sleeping bag, comfortable pajamas, and some nice pillows to make the ground feel comfier. If you want more comfort during the day too then a travel chair is great to pack but it isn’t a necessity. 


Taking the right clothing with you is so important to make a camping trip as enjoyable as it can be. You should also always bring spare clothes as the weather can be unpredictable and you could get caught in the rain. As you must carry everything you bring with you on your back then you’ll want to bring lightweight clothing. You should also make sure you pack warm socks as your feet are the most likely part of your body that will get cold and a good quality pair of hiking boots to properly support your feet whilst you are walking lots. You should also bring sunglasses as and a lightweight hat to protect your head and eyes from the sun, these should be worn even if it is not a really high temperature if the suns out at all then wear these.  

Cooking Necessities

Whilst you’re camping, you’ll be responsible for cooking all of your meals yourself, to do this successfully there are a few things that you’ll definitely need. You’ll need a camping stove if you want to cook any food, this is the most important thing to bring with you and it’s important you find one that fits in your backpack. You’ll need to bring cookware to be able to use the stove and you’ll need to bring utensils both for cooking and for eating whatever meal you prepare. You’ll also need to bring food that you find easy to cook as your resources are limited and make sure you bring some bin bags as you shouldn’t leave your rubbish. Finally, you should bring a reusable water bottle as you’ll likely be doing lots of walking so need to stay hydrated.