3 Apps you Need if You’re Travelling Abroad

Your phone is one of the biggest supports that you can have when you are going on a holiday abroad. You may be someone who doesn’t trust phones and you may be so unfamiliar with how they work that you ask yourself can someone hack my phone by texting me? No matter how much you dislike technology, here are the 3 apps you need if you are traveling abroad.


These days every single country uses Uber. Sometimes taxis in different countries can be unreliable and even dangerous, and with Uber you are guaranteed a safety check of all your drivers, meaning that you don’t have to worry about potentially being harmed while trying to travel.

Translation App

Unless you are fluent in the language used in the country that you are visiting, then a translation app will be your best friend. There are apps that you can use that will interpret any conversation as it is happening life, which means that you don’t have to worry about having to stop and translate mid-conversation. It will also save you quite a lot of time during your trip, which means you can focus on just having fun.

Active Map app

Though you may think that just using google maps is enough, you will definitely need a couple of active map app options when you head on holiday. If you get an app that specializes in a certain area, then you will also be able to see a lot of the more private locations that aren’t put on the maps. Google maps can also be extremely unreliable and often do not provide an accurate representation of your location, which is obviously the last thing that you want when you are in a country that you are not familiar with.