7 of the Best Island Beaches That You Have to Visit

When the time comes that we can finally get a few days away in the sun, you want it to be somewhere that you can walk on a lovely picturesque beach, while not worrying about having access to all of your standard facilities and restaurants in the area. There are plenty of locations that meet these criteria but I will be looking at some of the best island beaches you can visit, which have a balance between the natural location and the hustle and bustle of many city locations, to allow you to have a balance on your vacation.

St Ives Bay

St Ives bay is a beautiful beach location that is situated in the southern region of the United Kingdom, with wide and nature-rich beaches you will find plenty to do for all of the family here. St Ives is home to many holiday parks and camping opportunities so if you are looking for a more natural vacation this could be the option for you. The great thing about St Ives and other areas of Cornwall, in general, is that there are also many opportunities for fun activities such as surfing and paddle boarding with the natural beach backdrop making it even better.


Benidorm is not a holiday location that is classically recognized for its beaches, however, with the mile-long strip of beach within this popular Spanish city it just had to be included on this list. Benidorm is most well known for its busy street and nightclubs, but if you want to combine this with time spent relaxing on the beach then this could be the place for you. As is the case with much of Benidorm there are also activities that can be done on the beach for little expense, watersports like riding a banana boat or paragliding across the sea are just some of what is available here so for the thrill-seekers among you I would highly recommend Benidorm for your next holiday destination.


When you think of beach islands many of us will immediately think of Hawaii and their white sands contrasting the rich blue waters, there really isn’t a much better place than Hawaii if you are wanting a vacation which is spent lounging on the beach in exotic weather with nothing but the soothing sound of the waves to keep you company. Hawaii is a great opportunity for you to kick back and relax, but with the classic Hawaii honeymoon still being so popular, it is also a common tourist destination that many people wish to visit at some point in their lives. The great thing about Hawaii is that you can just relax and all of your worries slip away providing rest and serenity that really can not be replicated anywhere else.


Bali is another island location with the classic appeal of relaxing beaches and bright blue seas for you to take a dip in, Bali is home to an abundance of wildlife and nature which is native to the area as well as a huge amount of different cultures and activities. With such a wide spectrum of people and events in Bali throughout the year, you will find yourself exploring this part of the world and coming across some amazing hidden gems, whether it be a new cuisine or performance, one thing is for sure and that is that you will enjoy a trip to Bali no matter who you are and what you like to get up to when you go on holiday. Another big factor in support of a trip to Bali would have to be just how cheap everything is when you get out there, although the flights may be more expensive you will notice you require less spending money as everything is so affordably priced including some of the most luxurious and unique accommodations.

The Maldives

The Maldives would have to be one of the most popular island locations for vacations with the iconic beach huts over the water which are available for holiday hires for you and your family. The Maldives is pretty rural with fewer facilities and restaurants than some of the other locations on this list. With a more natural atmosphere, The Maldives would be a perfect location if you want a vacation that is pretty laid back and without biog trips to bars or other attractions.


Bournemouth beach has been awarded the title of one of Britain’s best beaches on many different occasions now, but if this isn’t enough to convince you to visit then look at the amazing mile-long beaches that line the coast and I’m sure you will be convinced. This busy city has everything you need to have a good time including many traditional Cornish attractions like the cream tea shops or the surfing schools that will help you and the family learn all about your new favorite British coastal city.

The Philippines

The Philippines is another location that combines the natural landscape with a busy city, if you are looking for extraordinary wildlife and islands then this is the place to visit. With boat trips and other excursions into the wilder areas of this region, an opportunity to go to the Philippines on holiday simply shouldn’t be missed. They have everything you need to have an enjoyable holiday including rich white beaches overlooking the beautiful coast.