Essential Maintenance Supplies for Your Boat

A boat that is equipped with all the necessary maintenance supplies at all times is a perfect ride. Routine maintenance and repairs are essential for a boat and the right tools are essential for it. We recommend these essential supplies to have on board before you exit the dock.

  • Battery terminal puller: A battery can pop a multitude issues while sailing. To save a lot of stress at such times a battery terminal puller can help you solve the issue within minutes. You can also use it on some windshield wipers. It can cost you $8 to $20.
  • Jumper cables: Never underestimate the worth of a pair of jumper cables. It can boost your low or dead generator battery from the house or mains. An 8 gauge jumper is the bare minimum that you should have in your stash of about 20 feet length. It can cost you $50 to $75.
  • Crimpers and Strippers: Any electrical repair needs crimpers and strippers. Buy the crimpers that are strong and have a wide bite. A good quality one will cost you about $50 to $74 for both.
  • Cutter: A smart tool to have on board, the cutter can help you cut through a rubber hose, vinyl, or a rigid PVC easily. It also comes handy when you have a hard-to-reach repair. It is also safer than a knife and easier than hacksaw.
  • Moisture Meter: A deck or window can be prone to water leaks. It is difficult to track the water path and checking the damage. A moisture meter can help you read the moisture easily. You may need to spend some time with this equipment to understand its working. Also we suggest you go for a pinless model that does not probe the damaged surface further. It can cost you $40 to $60.
  • Magnetic: Flexible Claw retrieval set: This set consists of a mirror and multiple claws to retrieve tools or other things that may have accidentally fallen into deeper and darker corners. Without these tools, it may become difficult to even locate the fallen object. This set will cost you anywhere between $3 and $20.
  • Thread Lockers: A boat always has a nut or screw that will stay loose and keep vibrating. You may need a thread locker to keep it back in place. They can be found easily in any store. If you don’t have this you can ask a woman on board to hand over nail polish and it will do the trick.