Travelling Alone: How to Make the Most of a Solo Vacation

Everyone loves traveling with their friends, planning a trip together, booking flights, finding stunning accommodation with an amazing pool to relax by. It gets even more exciting when you’re at the airport with the girls or there with your lads and you’re all checked in just waiting to board the flight you’ve been waiting so long to get on.

Everyone’s in a good mood and excited and the atmosphere is just great. This can be difficult to plan though, trying to find dates you and all your friends are available at the same time, sometimes it’s not even possible but if you want to travel regardless then a solo vacation would be perfect for you. Traveling solo is a completely different experience from traveling with your friends, but it is something that everyone should experience at least once. It is a liberating experience and a really exciting one too.

Whilst traveling alone you’re able to do whatever it is you feel like doing every day so you have much more freedom than when you travel with friends, it gives you lots of time for self-reflection while you explore and it’s bound to help you grow as a person. We’ve compiled some of the best tips and advice on how to make the most of a solo vacation.


Preparing Before You Leave

There is lots of stuff to do to make sure you’re prepared for your solo vacation, as you’re going along it’s best to make a list of all the things you might possibly need while you’re away to make sure you pack them as you can’t depend on other people having the things you’ve forgotten. It’s important you do lots of research into finding a good destination for your first solo vacation as safety is the most important thing, you should always have travel insurance in case something happens, and apps like finding my friend is great to download for additional security.

Different destinations massively vary in cost so you should do some research into the costs of accommodation and the cost of living at your destination to ensure that you can afford it, you don’t want to be caught short of cash whilst you’re away. You also don’t want to come home from a great trip and regret getting into your overdraft for it so make sure you know you can save up enough when you book your vacation. Whilst you’re away on your solo vacation you’ll have to be your own photographer so it’s a good idea to make sure you have some good equipment for top quality photos, I replaced my old quadcopter motor before my first solo vacation and I was so glad I did as I took so many great photos with my drone.


Whilst You’re Away


Whilst you’re away again safety is the most important thing when you’re traveling alone, make sure you keep all of your important documents either in a safe in your accommodation or keep them close to you in a small bag that you’ll have on you at all times. It’s a good idea to try and adapt and learn some basic words and phrases in the local language so that even though you’re traveling alone you’re not lonely and you’ll be able to ask people for directions, order food and buy train tickets, etc. without struggling with a language barrier. Many people who go on solo vacations don’t spend the whole trip alone, if you’re staying in solo-friendly accommodation or a hostel then it’s likely you’ll meet other solo travelers.

Most other solo travelers will be feeling how you are and would probably love the company for a meal out or drinks, but as you’ve just met you don’t have to commit to spending the whole trip with them. If you’re not staying in an accommodation where you can meet other guests then you can join group tours instead if you want to find people to hang out with. Joining a tour will also allow you to learn much more about your destination, the highlights, the culture, and the history so we can’t recommend doing this enough.