The Travelling Foody: The Best Markets To Visit Around the Globe

Camden Market

Based near central London, Camden market is known as a food hotspot and a must-visit for tourists around the world, the great thing about Camden Market is that there is something there for everyone, the street food stalls offer a huge range of foods and different cuisines from all over the globe. The street food really is sensational, cooked fresh in front of you there is a lot of different food to be tried, from freshly cooked kebabs to vegan street food there is no other place like Camden in the world. Situated close to Camden lock, this market area of London really is one of the best places to pick up some delicious street food and settle down for a picnic.


Dizon Farms

Farmers’ markets have seen a real growth in popularity recently, with more and more people choosing to opt for locally sourced fresh ingredients to make their meals. Dizon Farms is a great location for any budding foody, offering locally produced meats, vegetables, dairy products, baked goods, and many more. The freshness of the produce is a real selling point of visiting a farmers market and although it may cost more than your standard supermarket food, the taste, and overall quality cannot be beaten. Dizon farms are known for their high-quality products and have been in high demand for many months, as a result of their popularity they are now offering their fresh produce by Dizon farms delivery, meaning you can now source your own fresh produce without having to leave the house, Dizon will deliver everything you need straight to your door so you can cook up a storm in the kitchen at your own convenience.


Union Square, Greenmarket

A classic American market, Greenmarket Union Square has a high reputation as one of the best food markets in the world, hosting a range of different cuisines and street food retailers, this market is the place to go if you are looking for a tasty meal, or if you need ingredients to cook your own dish with high quality locally sourced produce. From butcher’s counters to fresh greengrocers you can find anything food related here at a reasonable price whilst you support small retailers that are offered a pitch on the market. This market is considered by the locals to be more than just a shopping trip, with miles of stalls you really could spend the day here, for a foody greenmarket would be a paradise and if you get the chance to visit I would definitely recommend that you take it, as the food that is on offer at this location is some of the best American produce out there.


Mercato Coperto

The final market on this list would have to be Mercato Coperto, based in Italy, I’m sure you can imagine how good the classic Italian produce that is sold here is. If you are looking for traditional fresh mozzarella, handmade pasta, or homemade Italian dishes then this is the place for you. Suitable for any foody, Mercato Coperto offers an insight into what really goes into traditional Italian cooking, set in the picturesque location of Trieste this market is also home to its famed olive gardens where residents are free to go olive picking for a reasonable fee. Italy is known for its food, and this market is no exception to that attitude, everywhere you look the city is lined with market stalls offering delicious meals, and fresh produce that can be used to replicate your favorite Italian dishes.