The Best American States for Road-Tripping

Going on your first road trip is a true learning curve for any future trips you may take, for a road trip to be successful you should plan to visit numerous states that are very different so that you can have some variety in your road trip. If you’re keeping your road trip to visiting different states within the Us then you will be glad to know that there are a number of great states with a variety of attractions and unique environments to help keep you and your loved ones active whilst you are away.  


The first state that would be a great starting point for your trip would have to be the Connecticut region, there are so many things to be done here, and the relaxing vibe and numerous bars and restaurants that are available make for a perfect location to spend some time to relax and further plan the rest of your trip and the other states you would like to visit. The city has a busy lifestyle and the great thing for those of you that are road tripping would be that Connecticut is a great place to complete van maintenance so you can ensure your travel safety before you set off. If you are looking for a good roof replacement CT, or you are in need of any replacement parts for your van then Connecticut is a great place to find them at a very reasonable price.  

New York

New York would be another great state to include within your road trip, it’s only a few hours’ drive away from Connecticut and if you are a fan of busy cities with a lot of different things going on, you should definitely consider a New York visit. Depending on your budget you could choose to take advantage of the more luxurious accommodation options that are available and treat you and your loved ones to a hotel room, however, if this is not possible for you there are a number of van stops and sites where you can park up and go off to enjoy the city. If you have not already been to New York I would highly recommend that you consider doing so as it is really something that you should see at some point in your life, New York really is a once-in-a-lifetime and unique place to visit.  

Los Angeles

Another great place to visit when you are going on a road trip would be the California and Los Angeles area, especially if the previous places on your trip have been primarily city locations, going to Los Angeles and experiencing the unique and more relaxed way of life with the hotter weather can be a really good idea. If you are traveling with a family then you will be glad to know that there is a wide variety of things that you can do including visiting some of their most famous bars and restaurants or having some downtime on the beach.  


The final state on this list that is definitely worth a visit on your road trip would be Arizona, again this is only a few hours’ drive away from some of the locations on this list making it much more convenient for you and reducing the hours spent behind the wheel. The great thing about Arizona is that it is much more rural and offers the opportunity to visit natural attractions such as the Grand Canyon which is arguably one of the most iconic road trip locations you could visit so you should definitely consider adding it to your itinerary.