The 3 Snowiest Locations In Europe Reviewed!

When most people think of a holiday, they think of the sun, tan, beaches and lazing by the pool. However not everyone is a fan of the heat (or the sunburn!) and would much prefer somewhere cool and scenic to travel to, I know I would. And Europe is home to the Alps, one of the most well-known mountain ranges, and of course, mountains bring lots of snow with them. So, here are three of the snowiest places in Europe to consider for your next getaway.



Switzerland is famous for many great things; its cheese, its quaint villages, and its mountain ranges. It is an incredibly scenic place, and the people there are extremely friendly, and why wouldn’t they be when they live in a place that was voted Best Country in the World. It has many different places you can visit, and if you’re going for the snowy side of things, the very end of the beginning of the year is the best time to go where you can watch the colors swirl on the mountain tops.



Austria is a beautiful country to visit all year round, but with ample snowfall come winter (up to 27”) it certainly becomes a Winter Wonderland and not one you’ll want to miss. It has a huge selection of ski resorts, so you’re almost guaranteed to be able to spend some of your time going down the icy slopes, but if that’s not your thing then you could always rent a log cabin for a perfect, cozy getaway. And whilst you’re there, you could take a visit to some of the famous cities and see some of the wonderful architecture they have there.



Last on the list is France, but it is just as beautiful as the others. It has its very obvious tourist favorites, such as its capital city Paris, it’s a massive selection of wine and its delicious food. But the Alps also pass through France, meaning it has some gorgeous snowy mountainous areas to explore, which can be made to be just as romantic of a holiday as Paris. This also offers the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and to visit somewhere less populated by holiday-makers, giving you more opportunity to take in everything there is to see.


Of course, there are many other snowy places throughout Europe, but these are amongst some of the most popular, and certainly some of the most picturesque too. And if you live somewhere where snow is not a common occurrence, this is definitely a way to be able to appreciate the wonders of nature whilst also being able to experience a different culture. But be careful you don’t go underprepared for your trip and have a snowday predictor ready to prevent any potential illness or mishaps, so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest!