6 Places You Have to Visit in Amsterdam. 

There is so much that you can do in Amsterdam it can be hard to know which places to add to your itinerary while you are visiting this amazing part of the world. There is a lot of history and culture for you to enjoy so if you have a particular interest in a part of Amsterdam, I would urge you to look at the interesting tourist attractions they have on offer. Many places will fill up with bookings so do not hang around on getting tickets if there is something specific that you would like to do, as the possibility of missing out is very likely.  


Anne Frank House  

If you have an interest in history then you will not want to miss out on visiting the Anne Frank House, this perfectly preserved piece of history has been generating tourism for Amsterdam for many years now with  interest never seeming to die down. Anne Frank’s story of hiding from  the German in her attic with her family is one that will never be forgotten so why not visit the place where it all happened and expand your knowledge on this very interesting but sad story.  


Van Gogh Museum 

Famous artist, Van Gogh is instantly recognizable when it comes to his art style and subject matter, his thick brush strokes, and elaborate color palette made him one of the most well-known artists in modern history. However, his story during his coming-up period is one that is much sadder. If you are interested in seeing his work and learning more about his life then I would urge you to get your Van Gogh museum tickets booked as soon as you can.  



The Vondelpark is one of the largest and most wildlife-rich areas of Amsterdam where you can go to relax and take in the natural scenery that surrounds you, if you wish to make this part of your trip even better you could take advantage of the cheap bike rentals that are offered in the area and get some extra exercise. You can pretty much rent a bike anywhere in Amsterdam with it being the favored form of transport for many, and it is much cheaper than the alternative transport options so you can save some money as well as seeing the city in a much more close up way.  


Heineken Experience 

For those of you that like to drink beer you will be glad to know that Amsterdam is very well known for serving unique and high quality beverages such as beer. The Heineken experience provides an in depth tour and explanation of the process behind making one of the most popular beers in the world, and with their amazing gift shop and sampling service you can get yourself some interesting flavors to take home and enjoy when you want to be reminded of how amazing your trip to Amsterdam was.  



If you are in Amsterdam with your family you may be looking for entertainment to help keep the young ones occupied, Amsterdam has just what you need with Artis zoo and aquarium being a must see if you have any animal fans within your family. Tickets are very affordable with availability for visits throughout the day to suit you,  and the center is well known for their wide range of sustainability projects to help make the world a better place for humans and animals alike. On a summer’s day looking around the zoo and seeing all of the amazing creatures they have is a great way to relax.  


Street Markets  

The final place that you must visit in Amsterdam before you leave would have to be the well known street markets that can be found up and down the region. If you are a keen shopper you will love getting lost in looking at all of the interesting items from independent businesses, which is always better to support the growth of smaller retailers who are much more appreciative of the help. The markets are also very famous for the wide range of delicious street foods and desserts that you can try to get a taste of traditional    Amsterdam cuisine.